Misha Q&A on Tumblr

Misha Collins decided to give tumblr a try in order to answer some questions about GISHWHES

Misha Tweeted his decision as follows:


I’ve been told repeatedly to “stay off tumblr,” so i’ve logged on to http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/  to see what the fuss is about. meet me there.12:11 PM – 30 Mar 2015

– Link to tweet 


Ask me your pressing questions @ http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/ . I’ll be replying there for the next 1/2 hour (or until the NSA closes the account.) 12:14 PM – 30 Mar 2015

– Link to tweet

I have collaborated the Questions and Answers from Misha below: 

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Misha Collins GISHWHES Q&A part 1&2

 From July 7th – July 9th 2014 Misha Collins tried to arrange an AMA on Reddit to answer questions about GISHWHES 

It started after William Shatner made a deal with the current ‘Misha Collins’ account on Reddit to change their name to his – because he loves teasing Misha! 

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