Women of Supernatural Interviews – Katherine Ramdeen

I had no idea that the fandom existed before being on the show, only that once I booked it my agent told me how passionate the SPNFamily is. I love it! I love how welcoming and nurturing the fandom is, they feel like extended family to me! – Katherine Ramdeen 


Katherine Ramdeen

Katherine Ramdeen is from Edmonton, Alberta and now lives in Vancouver, BC. Katherine discovered her passion for acting after seeing “Frankenstein” at a small theatre in Edmonton. She went on to attend Studio 58 Theatre Conservatory, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Katherine has appeared twice in the TV show Supernatural, as troubled teen Alex who was kidnapped and raised by Vampires as a human lure.  

Katherine agreed to answer the following fan questions, put to her by SpnUK.

First Impressions

Q. What was your first impression of working on the supernatural set.

Katherine: I first noticed how friendly and welcoming everyone is, and quick to help me if I ever looked lost or confused haha I was truly overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone on such a big and busy set!!

BTS picture of Katherine with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (Credit Katherine Ramdeen)

Angelique asked: If you watched any supernatural before you joined the show and If you were surprised about anything working with Jared and Jensen.

Katherine: when I auditioned for the show originally, for small parts probably back in 2012, I watched the pilot episode and the most recent episode I could get my hands on. I don’t watch a lot of TV, supernatural included, but since being on the show I’ve watched a bit of it on Netflix! I was firstly surprised how GARGANTUAN both Jared and Jensen are. They both tower over me (I’m 5’3″), once I got over that, I was surprised that these two guys, doing the show for 9 seasons when I first got there, were so peppy and making jokes and being goofy. They have so much fun on set!!!



Q. Did you have any idea about the dedicated Supernatural fandom before you joined the show? What do you think of it now?

Katherine: I had no idea that the fandom existed before being on the show, only that once I booked it my agent told me how passionate the SPNFamily is. I love it! I love how welcoming and nurturing the fandom is, they feel like extended family to me! I’m headed to the Ladies of Spn convention in Seattle this May, and I’m so stoked to finally meet some of you!!!!

(Credit – Ladies of SPN Con)

Sarah was wondering if you would like to be invited to do some of the conventions?  Also if  you would sing at karaoke  and what song would you do?

Katherine:  I would love to go to conventions, and I’ll be headed to a fan organized one this May! I’m terrible at karaoke but I’m pretty sure I’d sing some kind of rap or hip hop, so as not have to actually sing but still come across as super cool hahaha

Q. You took part in GISHWHES last year with Theo Devaney, will you be joining again and what was your favorite task?

Katherine: GISHWHES was a riot and I won’t be doing it again for at least a few years, it totally took over my life haha my favourite task was giving something special of mine away to a homeless person. That really affected me.


Being Alex Jones

Q. When you were turning into a vampire when you first played Alex were your eyes contacts or VFX.

Katherine: they were contacts! No vfx there!!! And they weren’t as uncomfortable as they look.

Katherine as Alex with Vampire eye contact lenses (Credit CW)

Q. how does having to wear the contacts affect how you get into her character vs if VFX is used?

Katherine: I think all wardrobe helps an actor “feel the part”, so the contacts, besides looking amazing on camera, gave me something extra to work with to make me feel less human. All the details add up and make my job easier. Props to the FX, makeup/hair, wardrobe & contacts lady!!!

Evelyn ‏asked: if you were in Alex’s shoes in RL, would you do what Alex did?

Katherine: that’s a tough one… I think I would do just about anything to survive, and I’d also run away if I could. I wonder if I’d go to the police, but chances are they wouldn’t believe me when I’d say I was kidnapped by vampires… Alex had very traumatic and hard life from such an early age. But she’s so incredibly strong, resourceful, and perseverant. I think I’d fare well like she did, but probably not be lucky enough to run into Jody Mills and the Winchesters.

Katherine as Alex with her Vampire ‘Mom’ (Credit CW)

Sarah asked: if you had any high school flashbacks while filming the scenes with asshat boyfriend?

Katherine: Hahahaha! Yes, yes I did. Luckily my highschool boyfriend wasn’t a vampire, but like Alex I was very much a recluse in high school, minus the Carrie factor.

Q. Is it difficult to keep a straight face while filming scenes like the dinner scene?

Katherine:  I’m a strange personality. A lot of the time on set, especially next to the jokers Jared and Jensen, I felt like I was “too serious”. Part of that is just the way I am. Part of it is I haven’t been doing this for +10 years like the rest of the cast and maybe haven’t learned how to take it easy on set. Short answer: no, it was not difficult to keep a straight face during that scene. I was so heavily invested in Alex’s story that sometimes it was hard to feel happiness or love. Alex just breaks my heart and I guess I’m the kind of actor that lives in my characters skin a little too tightly. Probably not the healthiest thing either, psychologically speaking.


On Alex giving up the hunter life

Susan asked: why do you think Alex feels the need to be away from the hunters lifestyle?

Katherine: at this point, Alex had been around monsters for most of her life and I don’t think trying to create distance between Jody and Claire is about wanting to get away from monsters, but trying to protect them from the monsters after her. I think Alex dreams about a normal life, but she’s also incredibly intelligent and I think she knows she may never have that normalcy she craves.

Alex contemplating her future. With Kathryn Newton as Claire and Jared Padalecki. (Credit CW)

Rachel asked: what do you imagine Alex’s future to be if she does leave Jody, Claire, and hunting behind (even though we know she won’t… 😉 )

Katherine: I think Alex really loves Jody and Claire and leaving them would tear her apart. She finally has a real family, and people that actually love her. Not to mention Jody is a BAMF sheriff who had slayed her share of monsters. I can’t see Alex leaving Souix Falls but if she did, she’d have to go into hiding. I don’t know how far she’d have to run to get away from the monsters chasing her. Europe? And what would she do with her life? I think getting into law enforcement or the military or some career where she can learn how to protect herself would be really smart. Hey, there’s a cool spinoff idea! Hahaha


Wayward Daughters

Sarah commented that Kim is so awesome and asked if she is your mentor?

Katherine: Kim is awesomer than awesome and definitely my mentor. She’s helped me out emotionally, actor-wise, and business-wise and she basically is the coolest person I know. And her hugs feel like you’re being wrapped in a warm mom burrito.

Katherine & Kim

Roxxy asked:  Do you wanna be Kim Rhodes when you grow up? Also how confusing was it to have two Kat’s on set and did Kat Newton show her cat videos?

Katherine: if I grew up to be half the woman and actor that Kim is, I could retire happily. Having 2 Kat’s was a challenge that we solved easily by me being Katherine and Kathryn being Kat. Yes, Kim, Kat and I exchanged a million cat & funny vids/pics on set!!!

Steffen asked: if you’d like to work on a spin-off and if you have heard anything about doing a wayward daughters spin-off from the powers that be?

Katherine: would LOVE to play Alex in a spin-off and can’t comment on any creators or producers, but I think numbers have power and if there is money/ratings to be made, they’ll make the show happen.

Katherine and Kathryn (Kat) who plays Claire on Supernatural. (Credit Kim Rhodes)


Other Projects

Claudine Hummel asked about the episode of Almost Human you did and what was your experience working on that set (because I loved that show…)

Katherine: I had a very (small) bit part on Almost Human, but what I can say was that the sets were immaculate and SciFi is my favourite genre! I can’t comment too much here as I had a simple day player role on the show.

Do you have any other projects lined up that you can talk about?

Katherine:  I’ve got a number of projects in post-production right now and a few I’m working on myself. Zincton is a project I’m working on creating a series for, and any breakthroughs and news will be posted first on my Facebook page; www.katherineramdeen.com


Final question

Sarah asked: how did the food fight on set get started, and who won?

Katherine:  if by food fight you mean Jared and Jensen throwing bread around, then I’d have to say it was one of them goofing off lol I grew up very poor and sometimes we didn’t have enough to eat. Maybe I’m not fun enough but I’d never participate in a food fight. Also, 99% of the food on the table was not vegan, so if you watch the scene closely, you’ll notice Alex only eats green beans and water lol

Katherine as Alex during the ‘Awkward Dinner’ scene that resulted in a food fight (Credit CW)

Quickfire Questions from Shannon

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Katherine: a pic of vegan pizza I ordered.

What have you always wanted and did you ever get it?

Katherine: always wanted to get paid doing what I love and I got it!

What’s the best lie you ever told to get out of work?

Katherine:  I worked at burger king in highschool and nothing interesting, I probably said I was sick but really wasn’t and probably played video games all night.

If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you can torment them for a whole day who would you choose and how would you torment them?

Katherine:  Keanu Reeves and I’d make him propose to me and sign some contract that be had to love me forever lol

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else who would you want to be and what would you want to do?

Katherine: I’d come back as Albert Einstein and after people get over the fact I’m not dead, I’d get to work with the smartest scientists of the world and solve the double slit experiment. And then make a time machine, transporter, and replicator. If anyone can do it, Einstein can!

Message from Katherine

Thanks for the questions they were a lot of fun! I hope to see you all at the Ladies of Spn con in may!

Katherine xxo



  • Interview conducted via e-mail Feb 8, 2016 by Lucy Schneider.
  • Thanks to Katherine for taking the time to answer the fan questions.
  • Special thanks to Trudy for coordinating the questions and answers.
  • Thank you to all the fans that submitted questions to Katherine.
  • Finally huge thanks to my proof readers.


Twitter: @katramdeen

Facebook: KatRamdeen


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