Women of Supernatural Interviews – Kim Rhodes

I show up, I’m honest, I’m present, and people respond how they respond. But it’s never just a little bit. I identify so much with that level of passion because that’s kind of how I am in life. I’m told I’m too much or too loud or too whatever. The fandom is a place I feel at home and among kin, no matter WHAT they think of me.


Kim Rhodes grew up in Portland, Oregon, where she earned her B.F.A in Acting and Masters in Fine Arts. Kim went on to act in many plays and TV shows, her longest running appearance was as Carey Martin in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Kim has had many recurring appearances as Sheriff Jody Mills in Supernatural since Season 5 Episode 15 – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, making her one of the few surviving female characters on the TV show.

Kim was awesome enough to answer some fan questions put to her by SpnUK, answers below:

The SPNFamily 

Q. When/how did you hear about the SPNFamily and what was your very first interaction with the supernatural fans?

Kim: It was a convention. Gabe Tigerman tried to prepare me. I had no clue. I kept thinking they thought I was someone else, because they couldn’t POSSIBLY be that excited about KIM RHODES.

Kim singing during one of the Supernatural conventions (Credit Lea Russo)

Angel asked:  What are your impressions of the SPN fandom as you know it (cons, social media, etc) – the good, bad & the ugly?

Kim: Passionate. So passionate. And any of the bad and ugly? Just passion with a direction I don’t agree with. I see a lot of stuff that might upset the person I was a long time ago, but I realize I am me. Who I am in a fan’s eyes is actually NOT me, but an image that person has created with my face. I take responsibility for how my actions impact people, but I don’t take it personally. The good OR the bad. I show up, I’m honest, I’m present, and people respond how they respond. But it’s never just a little bit. I identify so much with that level of passion because that’s kind of how I am in life. I’m told I’m too much or too loud or too whatever. The fandom is a place I feel at home and among kin, no matter WHAT they think of me.

(Credit Kim Rhodes Twitter)

Fandom Fundraising 

Veronica asked: How did your daughter’s school react to the amount of money raised when you put out the call to the SPNFamily? Did either of you know what to expect?

Kim: I’m still so famous at my daughter’s school. People will talk about that FOR YEARS. I’ve said a lot about how stunned and touched I was, but I haven’t addressed what it did for me socially. My daughter is autistic, and that’s not readily apparent. Many people at the school didn’t understand or accept me because of my child’s behavior, which I totally understood. But it meant I didn’t reach out or try and find a place in that community of parents. Bringing in the funds that the SPN family gave had the unexpected bonus of “earning” me a place at the table. Parents took time to ask about my daughter and her behavior. They wanted to get to know me. It really made me feel like I could finally be a part of that community.

Diamond asked: Are you going to do another fundraiser for your daughter’s school?

Kim: I don’t like to go to the fandom for money. They bought her a library. Until the school needs something that is vital and I can’t provide, I won’t ask. I don’t ever want to take your support for granted. Ever.

Sheriff Jody Mills

Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills — Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Stefanie asked: Aside from learning that monsters are real, what piece of knowledge learned from the boys do you think Jody values the most?

Kim: That family doesn’t end with blood. She lost everything. It would be so easy to simply give up and be a loner who doesn’t give a fuck any more. But Sam and Dean showed her that she still can love and BE loved. To survive through the loss.

Claudine asked:  In recent seasons, the show has figured out how to write female characters in a way that its fans can relate to and appreciate. Plus women are stronger, saving themselves now. How amazing is it to see that growth over the last seven years of being on the show?

Kim: I’m gonna be an asshole here. I’m an actor. My entire perspective is just from my character…. and Jody has always been an amazing character to play. I’m so fortunate that my gratitude pretty much eclipses any reaction to how any of the other females are treated. Except for Charlie. That left a mark.

Kim as Sheriff Mills and fellow surviving female Kathryn Newton as Claire Novak (Credit CW)

Sandi asked: Jody is such a strong character. Do you pull some of that strength from inside yourself? You’re such a badass lady in rl!

Kim: The mom in Jody is all me. The strength is how she’s written.

Q: You are trained in a few forms of stage combat aren’t you?

Kim: Hand to hand, quarterstaff, and rapier and dagger. The hand to hand gave me a good foundation for the show, since I learned how to sell a punch.

Chani asked: Do you find any emotions easier to call on when doing a scene as Jody?

Kim: Surprise, anger, sadness, exasperation, etc it all comes down to the writing. When the character’s emotions are justified, they are always easier to play no matter what they are.

Rachel asked:  Is it easier to cope with J2’s blinding beauty now, or do you still have to find ways to “settle down” in order to get through scenes with them?

Kim: This last round I actually bragged to Jensen that I was clearly building up a tolerance. So he started teasing me and I had to shout at one point, “I ONLY HAVE A TOLERANCE, NOT AN IMMUNITY! STOP THAT!!!

Kim with the Winchester Brothers played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (Credit CW)

Q: When will we see Jody back on our screens and can you give us any snippets of information about the episode?

Kim: Watch this next episode to see the mom side of Jody in action.

Acting and other roles

Chani asked: Did you always feel drawn to acting? Or was there a moment where something just all of a sudden clicked?

Kim: I always was the drama queen, but I’d like to think I’ve recovered from acting only to fill my need for attention. Things aren’t as easy as they used to be and I may have to grow up and get a real job sometime here soon. I’ve just been lucky so far.

Cathy asked: What role do you remember wanting the most that you didn’t get? Or which one are you (in hindsight) happy you didn’t get?

Kim: I really wanted to be on “Star Trek: Enterprise.” I tested for the role of the Vulcan and I was the creators’ pick. Not getting it still stings. But I have a pretty spiritual approach to it and figure everything has a lesson and helps me become the person I’m supposed to be.

Susan asked:  Which do you prefer the experience of working on; a recurring role on TV or a one time movie role?

Kim: I like the steady pace of television. People really turn into a family. You get to know the crew better.

Netta asked:  If they ever make a full length movie (of Supernatural) would you consider being in it?

Kim: Why do people always ask if I’d consider doing something related to “Supernatural”? I would ALWAYS be up for it.

Erick asked:  Do you have/want/anticipate any roles that incorporate some of your ink?

Kim: Please see “Colony” on USA. They let me keep them all.

Supernatural Conventions

Sarah asked:  At Briana and Sam’s M&G at PasCon, Briana said that Sam told you all about cons and you in turn told Briana. How awesome is it to develop these friendships with these amazing ladies through the cons?

Kim: I knew Samantha well before anything Supernatural was a part of my life, and B and I would be friends if we met in the middle of the jungle and one of us was being swallowed by a snake while the other was fighting off a tiger. BUT! I certainly credit the cons with me knowing and loving Ruth so much, for instance. It’s all interconnected. Like Richard Speight says… an asshole wouldn’t last very long on the convention circuit. Like attracts like, and the cons are awesome, but the ladies are awesome already.

CUT2lAiW4AE46p2 - Copy
Kim with Briana Buckmaster, whom she met working on Supernatural (Credit Briana Buckmaster Twitter)

Q: Do you guys get to have fun and hang out backstage at the cons or is it all work work work?

Kim: You’re kidding. It’s like f**king camp! Briana and I agree that we like to go just to hang out with people we love!

Kim on stage at a Salute to Supernatural Convention (Credit Lea Russo)

Q: What are some of the best Photo op ideas that you have seen? Also are there any poses that you would love to do but haven’t been asked yet?

Kim: I just want to take this moment to say I worry when you want to pick me up. I am not little. I am not tiny. I am not wee. I worry I will hurt you. Oh. And please stop with real weapons. That makes me too nervous to give you a good smile. Props are always fun, but think of it from my perspective…. if I don’t know you and you pull a knife on me, I wet my pants a little.


Sharing through writing

Q: you have been posting some very personal and touching stories on you blog, what made you decide to share your experiences with others and were you surprised by the reactions?(Reactions like this from Mattie: “you should thank her for being so open about such personal things on her blog. It helps a lot of people to not feel alone”)

Kim: I haven’t been back to the blog for a while. I’ve been so so so busy. But it’s almost a spiritual practice for me. I take what I hate or fear about myself and I put love into it. Then I release it into the wild and find that the love expands and returns to me. It’s been so healing for me to do. OH! And it’s taught me so much! I’ve had so many lessons about how I can change my thinking to become more of the person I want to be from people reacting with their own perspectives. Or, even if I don’t change, it does me good to see other sides of things I feel passionately about. I like the quiet truth of a blog.

CVa3ZrUXIAI12fG - Copy
Kim posing in the Wayward Daughters Campaign T-shirt (Credit Kim Rhodes Twitter)

Q: As you have influenced so many, I have to ask who influences you and why?

Kim: My daughter. She moves through this world so fearlessly and with such honesty. She is infuriating and inspiring and astonishing and I am so lucky to have her. Also, my husband. He is a man of quiet grace and strength. People meet us and assume I’m the dominant, loud one, but he is the rock. I’m the butterfly. His love makes my courage possible.

Other projects

Brenda was wondering how  #SupernaturalOnIce with Chad Lindburg is coming along?

Kim: We’ve hit a few snags, but I have faith.

CRhjCB5W0AAcwRf - Copy
Kim and Chad Lindburg convincing Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) to join #SupernaturalOnIce (Credit Kim Rhodes Twitter)

Final questions

Shannon asked: What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Kim: The shopping list we keep on an erase board on the frige. Write what we are out of, take pic to store, erase board. I’M A FUCKING GENIUS.

Matt (fanboy30 – SPN kitty designer) asked: why do you love goats so much?

Kim: Becuz goats!!



  • Interview conducted via e-mail Feb 1st, 2016 by Lucy Schneider.
  • Huge thanks to Kim for taking the time to answer the fan questions, it is very much appreciated.
  • Special thanks to Richard for coordinating the questions and answers.
  • Thank you to all the fans that submitted questions to Kim.


Twitter: @kimrhodes4real 

Blog: Rhodeside Attractions

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