Women of Supernatural Interviews – Briana Buckmaster

Wayward Daughters to me means women supporting other women. Bringing each other up when one has fallen. – Briana Buckmaster 01/2016

(Credit Briana Buckmaster Twitter)

Briana Buckmaster, originally from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, is an actor, singer and voice over performer. She received her diploma in Theatre Arts from Grant MacEwan University before travelling across North America performing on stages. Briana now lives in Vancouver Canada with her husband and daughter. She plays the quirky recurring character Sheriff Donna Hanscum on Supernatural.

Briana agreed to answer some fan questions submitted to her via SpnUK. Continue reading to find out what the Wayward Daughter campaign means to Briana, how she felt to get the role of Sherriff Donna Hanscum and her views on body image.

The Awesome SPNFamily

Q: When/how did you hear about the SPNFamily and was what your very first interaction with the supernatural fans?

Briana: My first interaction with the SPNFamily was via twitter right before my first episode. The writer introduced me and my phone started just blowing up! The interactions were immediate and very warm. I was really excited to be a part of something so massive.

Matt (aka Fanboy30) asked:  How do you feel about fan art? Do you find it a little odd or is it a compliment (when it’s based on you/your character)?

Briana: The fan art is very flattering. That people would put so much effort into something like that really impresses me.

Q. How awesome are the Supernatural Conventions and do you feel like a rock star when on stage at the evening events?  (because you totally look like one!)

Briana: I absolutely love doing conventions. They are directly in my wheel house. It’s doing standup and karaoke for your greatest audience ever.

(Credit Kelli Anne Photography) – Briana at the Saturday night concert at Vancon

About Sheriff Donna Hanscum…you betcha!

@SnazzyO  asked: are you aware how many of us ship Donna/Dean? Do you ship it too?

Briana: I know all about the shipping (Though I had to be taught what it meant). I know people ship Donna with Dean and with Jody. I could totally get behind both ships. But I also love the idea of Donna staying single and finding her inner strength.

Jennifer asked: did you watch supernatural before you were on it and how did you react when you got the part of Donna?

(Credit Briana Buckmaster Twitter) Briana as Sheriff Donna Hanscum 

Briana: I was very excited to get the role of Donna, I didn’t really know at the time what a big deal it would be for me. I’m just so happy people enjoy her as much as I do.

Q. What is your favorite ‘Donna-ism’ and how do you manage to say those awesome lines with a straight face?

Briana: I love all of Donna’s lingo, but “oh ya, you betcha” is probably the one I love most.

Q. Donna’s accent; was that difficult to adopt? Did you have to practice lots?

Briana: The accent was fairly easy for me. I’m from mid-western Canada so it’s not too much of a stretch 😉

Acting, as a career choice.

@anotherlizzie asked: why do you act? Fascination with human emotion? The technicality of the craft? Love of storytelling? Would love to know.

Briana: I’ve wanted to be an actor since I a little girl. I love to entertain. Period. Love love it. Singing, doing comedy, acting on stage or screen, I love to inspire people and I love to be inspired by others. Art can bring out the best in all of us and I feel lucky that I have an opportunity to do just that.

(Credit Karen Graham) Briana having fun on stage.


Erika would love to know your story of being an actress and accepting that you have curves rather than trying to conform to “Hollywood ideal” body type. (you spoke at PasCon a little about it, but Erika would like to know more about it. She would kill to have your body shape and kick ass personality!)

Briana: You’d be surprised to know I work very hard for this body. I eat well and exercise every day. The thing is that I try not to talk about it. We as a society perpetuate the problem by talking and allowing others to talk about women’s bodies. I believe as long as you’re healthy and confident, you are your own ideal body.

(Credit house_of_darkly) Briana on stage at a convention.

@twindian2 asked: how old were you when you gained confidence? What advice do you have for girls like twindian2, who just can’t seem to find it?

Briana: When I had a baby the realization that my body is not an object became very clear to me. Bodies are magical. I’ll try never to say another mean thing about my body again. I hope to pass down this positive self-imagery to my daughter.

Wayward Daughters and Soul Sisters

@Magalicious8207 asked: How awesome is it having Kim Rhodes as your #SoulSister?

Briana: Kim Rhodes has very quickly become one of my favorite people in the world. She is strong, sassy, loyal and honest. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

(Credit Briana Buckmaster twitter) Briana with Kim Rhodes, who plays Sheriff Jody Mills on Supernatural

Q. You and Kim recently released/promoted the Wayward Daughters shirt design. Please tell us a bit more about what Wayward daughters means to you?

Briana: Wayward Daughters to me means women supporting other women. Bringing each other up when one has fallen. It’s my dream to lose the stigma of cattiness that can come with groups of women. We are not each other’s competition.

(Credit Briana Buckmaster Twitter) Briana wearing the T-shirt from the wayward daughters campaign.

Random Questions

@twindian2 asked: what are your favorite types of food and what foods do you refuse to try?

Briana: I love almost every type of food. Love a good steak with a bold Barolo. My husband is a chef so there is ‘no stone unturned’ as they say. My favorite comfort foods would be spaghetti with meat balls, and red licorice 😉

Quickfire Questions from Shannon

Q. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Briana: My girl and I out for lunch

Q. What have you always wanted and did you ever get it?

Briana: An incredible partner-in-crime (My husband) and a career that I can be proud of. Check and check!

Q. What’s the best lie you ever told to get out of work?

Briana: That I had the stomach flu and was contagious (I had morning sickness and no one knew I was preggo)

Q. If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you can torment them for a whole day who would you choose and how would you torment them?

Briana: my cell phone representative. I’d make them answer all of my questions.

Q. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else who would you want to be and what would you want to do?

Briana: I’ve never wanted to be anyone else. I believe the grass is always greener so I always believe that everyone, no matter how perfect their life seems, is fighting their own battles.


(Credit Briana Buckmaster twitter) Briana having fun on set with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


  • Interview conducted via e-mail January 25, 2016 by Lucy Schneider.
  • Huge thanks to Briana for taking the time to answer the fan questions, it is very much appreciated.
  • Special thanks to Holly at HollyWords Publicity for coordinating the questions and answers.
  • Thank you to all the fans that submitted questions to Briana.

You can catch Briana in the upcoming short ‘Homeowner’ as Mary, a woman whose house is being ‘haunted’ – more details here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5329576/

Also in Squee! The Fangirl Documentary- details here: https://www.facebook.com/fangirlproject

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