Twitter chat with Eric Kripke

The brains behind Supernatural, Eric Kripke,  did a Q&A on twitter for the release of his comic Jacked.

Here are the questions and answers posted on Twitter using the hashtag : #EricKripkeChat


Eric Kripke: Hey everyone. I’m here, in my jacuzzi, whiskey in hand. Ready to respond to your weirdest thoughts.

@SPNBrotherhood asked: are you pleased with how #Supernatural is doing ever since you left?

Eric Kripke: Very pleased. I asked Sera and then Jeremy to make it their own. I feel like a proud parent who sent their kid off to college.


@davidbaillie asked: What surprised you most about switching from writing TV scripts to comics?

Eric Kripke: That comics are hard, man. In TV, you’re playing with time; in comics you’re playing with space. Different muscles. Nice work on Red Thorn!


@BudgyVicky asked: Eric, what was your dream profession in your childhood?

Eric Kripke: First I wanted to be a stop sign. Then a fish. Then a secret agent.  Then a writer/director. That last one took.


@SPNBrotherhood asked:  how would you present your new comic to convince someone to read it?

Eric Kripke: #Jacked is a funny, brutally realistic, warts-and-all honest, very personal take on a very imperfect superhero.


@corinne_hiddles asked: Have you ever written fanfic before?

Eric Kripke: I haven’t, but I’ve read it. The fact that we inspire people to express themselves and creatively add to our world is something I’m VERY proud of.


@FiercelyNormal asked:  Just how much of Josh Jaffee is Eric Kripke?

Eric Kripke: I’d like to say he’s fictional. But if I’m being honest, I have to say quite a bit.


@house_of_darkly asked: did you know you wanted to do a comic & idea followed, or did the idea demand to be a comic?

Eric Kripke: It started with the idea. A funny, real (& Jewish) superhero.  Seemed like comics was the best way to tell that story.


@thereaintnoyou asked:  if you had listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Eric Kripke: Tie. Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” and “Traveling Riverside Blues.”


@blsedbx3 asked: So Jacked a man in mid life crisis, since going through one myself is there a positive outlook

Eric Kripke: For me? Yes. Everyone’s insecure & messed in the head, so: accept your imperfections  & lean on your family. That’s my two cents, anyway.


@created4life asked: Hey, @therealKripke, why do you think Revolution died out? I have my own theories. I’d like to hear yours.

Eric Kripke: It was an expensive show, & ultimately, the ratings weren’t good enough to justify the cost. Purely business. Everyone was proud of the creative, & I miss that world terribly.


@jackles asked:  what do you think of @jarpad’s Always Keep Fighting campaign?

Eric Kripke: So unbelievably proud of Jared, his efforts, & the family he’s built. Jensen’s pretty great, too.


@jackles asked: who would you want to be your partner in a zombie apocalypse?

Eric Kripke: Ash from “Evil Dead.” No question.


@aprild26 asked:  Do you miss being so involved with SPN? Is there a Con in your near future, maybe Nashville

Eric Kripke: I do miss it. Sometimes I miss writing in that world. But I REALLY miss working with those actors & that crew. #SPNFamily


@HeyAssbutt asked: Who is your favorite character you’ve ever created?

Eric Kripke: That’s like asking who’s my favorite child? I will say (not just cause I’m on Vertigo right now) that Josh Jaffe acts the most like me.


@jackles asked: I dare you to describe Sam and Dean’s relationship in 3 words #EricKripkeChat

Eric Kripke: I’ll do it in one: Family.


@SPNBrotherhood asked:  do you have any other projects in the works?

Eric Kripke: Yes! A NBC Time Travel show I’m co-writing with @shawnryantv.  And some pretty damn exciting announcements coming soon…


@BudgyVicky asked: What do you want for Christmas?

Eric Kripke: Scotch. And I love cake like a sugar-high 4 year old. Either one.


@dibrewski asked: Hi – In your everyday life, what movies do you quote from the most? #EricKripkeChat

Eric Kripke: Comedies. I originally thought I’d be a comedy writer. Fletch. Blues Brothers. Spinal Tap. Caddyshack…


@rthompson1138 asked: who would win in a fight between Sam & Dean v. Gremlins/Beetlejuice. asking for science.

Eric Kripke: Get off your ass, write that episode, and tell me!


@samwinchestcrs asked: what’s your favorite thing about supernatural?

Eric Kripke: I love the characters, the urban legends, but I’m most proud of the smart, inclusive community that’s formed around watching & interacting with the show.


@allisonracicot asked: what are some of your favorite comics out now?

Eric Kripke: I’m in love with SAGA. And I re-read HELLBLAZER like its the (Satanic) Bible.


@30secondstoAFI asked: What helps when a dialogue is too hard to write while the scene is going well?

Eric Kripke: Hate to tell you, but the scene’s not going well. Hard dialogue is a symptom. Try moving some of your puzzle pieces around.


@Dancing_Adrift asked: What’s the planned run of Jacked (# of issues), & when can we expect the release of the TPB?

Eric Kripke: Six issues of #Jacked, next one out on 12/23! TPB will come later!


@travelingheidi asked: Any chance this is a Voyagers! reboot?

Eric Kripke: No, but seriously, its inspired by the fun energy of VOYAGERS. I was OBSESSED with that show!


@ultimatecin73 asked:  How did you get started in your career? This fellow Toledoan is curious. 🙂

Eric Kripke: Made short films that screened in film festivals. Wrote a lot of bad scripts. Practice! & go Toledo!


@ultimatecin73 asked:  What inspired you to create Supernatural?

Eric Kripke: Honestly, inspired by a lot of the urban legends I heard growing up in Toledo, some of those corn fields and old factories are good for the imagination…


@rthompson1138 asked: will i get fired for trolling the #EricKripkeChat tag?

Eric Kripke: No, but your pay is being docked for every question you submit.


@StarchyOBrien asked: Any chance #JACKED could move to the small/big screen someday, a la #TheWalkingDead? Or would you want that?

Eric Kripke: Focusing on making the comic awesome for now, but yes, the hope is one day it’s on a TV screen…


@rthompson1138 asked:  why is Castiel’s nickname spelled Cass not Cas? again: for science

Eric Kripke: I think “Cass” just looks cooler on the page. And “Cas” might sound like “Caz.”  But that’s just my opinion. Now get back to work.


@macd1982 asked: I’d like to know what convinced you to join us in the Twitterverse …are you liking it here?

Eric Kripke: For stuff like this. I wanted to get the word out about #Jacked, I’m very proud of it. I think interacting with the Twitter community has been fascinating. And a little bit scary.



Eric Kripke: Okay, guys, that’s it. It’s been fun, but I’m starting to prune in this Jacuzzi. See you later. And read #Jacked! Thanks for joining the #EricKripkeChat! You heard it from @therealKripke himself, read JACKED! Issue 2 is out 12/23: Y


All content credit @therealKripke / .

Date: December 17,2015



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