Misha Q&A on Tumblr

Misha Collins decided to give tumblr a try in order to answer some questions about GISHWHES

Misha Tweeted his decision as follows:


I’ve been told repeatedly to “stay off tumblr,” so i’ve logged on to http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/  to see what the fuss is about. meet me there.12:11 PM – 30 Mar 2015

– Link to tweet 


Ask me your pressing questions @ http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/ . I’ll be replying there for the next 1/2 hour (or until the NSA closes the account.) 12:14 PM – 30 Mar 2015

– Link to tweet

I have collaborated the Questions and Answers from Misha below: 

Q. Misha, what is your favorite color?

A. my favorite color is infinity.

Q. Will you ever acknowledge my presence?

A. Of course i will. Eventually.

Q. Hi you’ll probably never see this, and I don’t want to bore you or bum you out with all the gory details, but I just want you to know that you’ve really helped me get through a lot in my life, as silly as that sounds. I was just wondering if you or any of the other Supernatural cast have considered coming to Scotland? You’d be more than welcome. I hope you have a lovely day!:)

A. The feeling is mutual, my friend. And yes! The winning trip for gishwhes actually took place in scotland a couple of years ago. It was awesome. i can’t wait to come back.

Q. Hey Misha!!! So, I want to sign up for gishwhes, but my parents have said we are to busy to take part. Is Gishwhes a big time commitment? How do you think I would be able to convince my parents of allowing me to join? Thank you(:

A. Please tell your parents that participating in gishwhes for one week is clinically proven to take only 6-9 months off your total life expectancy. You can also tell your parents that The Washington Post reported that “Participating in GISHWHES is no more difficult than single-handedly defending an invading army.” Hopefully that will persuade them.

Q. Do you think Jared and Jensen will ever do gishwhes?

A. I think that Jared and Jensen already do gishwhes. They just do it under pseudonyms because they are ashamed to be such fans of the event.

Q. If I seem to ask a question, without actually asking one, will a Misha respond?

A. No, he won’t.

Q. what’s your favorite foreign food?

A. pasta with jam sauce.

Q. do you have any socks on


Credit - Misha Collins
Credit – Misha Collins

Q. How are you liking tumblr?

A. It’s great. i don’t see what all the fuss is about. Why should i “stay off tumblr?”

Q. be honest, who do you like better, jared or jensen? (this can be our secret i swear)

A. Hands Down, i would say my favorite is Jared Ackles.

Q. What’s your favourite episode of supernatural so far? And I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person ❤️

A. I like the follow-up to your question. As for your question itself, the French Mistake, of course.

Q. Hey misha! marry me? ♥

A. please send me details so i can put it in my calendar.

Q. What is the perfect name for my team ?

A. Limejellowmarshmellocottagecheesesurprise.

Q. What’s your favourite episode of supernatural so far? And I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person ❤️

A. I like the follow-up to your question. As for your question itself, the French Mistake, of course.

Q. What do you enjoy doing with your free time?

A. Slaying dragons. You?

Q. What should we have handy in our gishwhes arsenal? I’m concerned that the gishdrone has misled us to believing we’re to make nude M&MIshas and drones.

A. I like this gishdrone. I have no idea who is running that account, but i can tell you that it’s no-one who has anything to do with me. That said, i think you should follow their instructions none-the-less. Worst case scenario you just wind up with a shit-load of M&Ms. Or maybe the worst-case scenario is you winding up with a candy portrait of my nude body, i don’t know.

Q. Is William in love with you?

A. It’s a full on Romeo & Juliet. But he’s Tybalt.

Q. how do you feel about memes?

A. are memes anything like mimes? If so, i hunt them. at night. with a crossbow.

Q. Who would win in a fight? Castielcakes vs iron man 👌

A. Rock beats scissors, cake beats iron. Everyone knows that.

Q. 3 things you would take to a desert Island?

A. A harem, a city, and an airport.

Q. What is your OTP?

A. what is an OTP?

Q. Love meeeee

A. consider it done.

Q. Would you ever want to guest star on The Big Bang Theory?

A. I’ll do one better than being a guest star on the big bang theory… I would like to be the Death Star on the big bang theory.

Q. Do you like potatos? My brother really wants to know! 🙂

A. I’m so glad someone finally had the balls to ask the question that everyone has been pussy-footing around. Tell your brother that he has got some serious fucking nerve and i applaud him for it. And i’m not going to back away or dodge this controversial issue, yes! I do like potatoes, especially if they are prepared properly. Sometimes the french like to serve slightly under-boiled, crunchy potatoes, this i don’t like, but a good fried potato, potatoes augrautin, garlic mashed, home fries, hash browns, baked potato with sour cream, fuck yeah.

Q. Has there ever been a GISHWHES item that you thought would be really great and wanted to put on the list, but decided to leave it out because it was too cruel and embarrassing to subject anyone to, even by the standards of the strangest and most shameless of people?

A. Absolutely. every year we go through the list just before posting it live and realize that some of the items are too mean, too dangerous, to incendiary, too politically incorrect or just plain wrong and we cut them out of the list. Even with this process, however, every year questions make it on the list that are too mean, too dangerous, to incendiary, too politically incorrect and just plain wrong.

Q. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?”

A. Neither. I’m more of a hybrid species person, like the rest of my family.

Misha finished his tumblr Q&A with the following message: 

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Okay, i’m signing off. By the way, Tumblr seems perfectly civil to me. You guys asked a lot of insightful questions (especially the one about potatoes). Also, there seems to be a lot of really high-quality porn here. And, because i’ve been squatting on the gishwhes tumblr page here, I’ve been told to tell you to go sign up right now (anyone who signs up before May 1 will be entered into a drawing to win this SPN cast-signed script). Thanks for playing. Bye guys. I’ll come back and visit.www.gishwhes.com

Credit - Misha Collins
Credit – Misha Collins

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