AMA with Supernatural actor Adam Rose

Credit - Adam Rose
Credit – Adam Rose

Adam Rose from Supernatural took the time to answer some fan question during a Reddit AMA on 3rd February 2015

Here is the AMA:

Q. What is your favourite breakfast food?

Q. Bacon.

Q. What’s it like working with Meghan Markle?

A. Never got to actually work with her but I hear she’s fantastic.

Q. What was your favorite show/film to work on?

A. Hard to pick a favorite. But recently I loved going to New Orleans for NCIS. That was a blast.

Q. Do you have any advice for recent Film Production graduates who are looking for jobs and/or are you hiring?

A. My best advice would be to make a film. Do it with an iPhone if you have to. Ask friends to help out. A feature film just premiered at Sundance that was shot entirely on an iPhone.

Q. Adam whats it like to have fans that still miss you from supernatural fandom after all these years?

A. It’s amazing. I’m so grateful to have you all in my corner. It means a great deal.

Q. Adam! You might recognize me from obnoxious tweets on Twitter. You know, the jokey and/or flirty ones? Anyway, I actually have questions. First, what was your inspiration when you began working on Queen? Second, you are an amazing dancer. Do you think you’ll ever take on a role that implements that talent?

A. Hoping to dance in a movie one day soon. Just about making sure people know I can do it. As far as QUEEN, it started as a discussion with Ryan about roles that would be so far from self, you know, for a challenge. The story evolved from there and we got immersed in that world. Always love hearing from you on twitter.

Q. Any hopes of being in the Hebrew Hammersequel?

A. I WISH! Just start hitting up the director on twitter or somewhere. He may put me in it if he hears people would be interested to see what the “Addict Jewish Child” is up to…

Q> What is your favorite song at the moment…and I still have to say best moment of VanCon was when you Chad and Dan jumpped of stage and sandwich hugged me remember that?…you rock

A. I remember it well. FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW: Uptown Funk

Q. BRINGAARONBACK Any plans on coming back to VanCon this year?

A. I will return as long as you guys MAKE A TON OF NOISE to Creation and Rogue. They listen. Tweet them and I will come.

Q. We’ve heard that Jared and Jensen love to mess with the guest stars. What did they do while you were visiting? And were you able to get one over on them?

A. They messed with me the whole time and I loved every minute of it.

Q. Would u ever consider returning to Supernatural as a monster like a Cameo roll? in a head to body costume ?

A. I’d consider returning to that show as anything. Loved working on it. Loved the cast and the crew… and the food.

Q. What was your favourite show/film to work on?

A. I am filming a documentary on my travels around Europe.

Q. I watched your show WEEDS all the way through and loved it. My question to you, how did you get you start (non-wiki if you please), and what was the biggest struggle for you to make your first big break?

A. I started as a kid. My brother got a manager for commercials and i sort of piggy backed. He stopped doing it after a while and I kept going. 20 years now…

Q. Deconstructing Harry is one of my favourites movies. What was it like for you, as a young actor, to work with such an incredible ensemble cast? Any particular favourites? IIRC you played the son of the much missed Robin Williams. What was that experience like? Is Woody really as neurotic as he seems?Thanks.

A. Woody is as neurotic and genius as you might guess and even though it was probably the coolest thing i’ve worked on to date, I had no idea what I was doing at the time.. I was 8! Robin Williams is to this day the nicest actor i’ve ever worked with. So welcoming, so warm so talented. I miss him.

Q. Do you have any fun stories from the set of Veronica Mars?

A. Honestly I just loved working with that group of people. We had a lot of fun on that set.

Q. Are you planning on making/acting in anything for British TV?

A. I would gladly. Nothing in the works but always open.

Thanks to Adam for taking the time to answer fan questions.

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