AMA with Supernatural Production Coordinator Jason Fischer

On January 16th Supernatural Production Coordinator Jason Fischer carried out and #AMA with the #SPNFamily on his twitter account @JasonFischer77
I have compiled all the questions and answers here:

Q. Are there any opening on the #Supernatural team?”

A. Not many. Nobody wants to leave.

Q. Peanut butter or Nutella?”
A. PB.

Q. how long have you been working on #SPN?did you know about the show before?are you excited for #SPN11?”
A. Season 2. YES !!!!

Q. have you ever been to the thousand islands?”
A. No but I’ve enjoyed them on salad.

Q. How are you doing tonight?”
A. Tired. Long but very productive week.

Q. were you born in BC?”
A.Emo Ontario. Find it on a map. Look up population.

Q. Caffeine of choice: Tea, coffee? Neither?
A. Both? #AlltheCaffeinePls” coffee black. Green tea.

Q. what question are you asked the most?”
A. What exactly does a production coordinator do?

Q. Does the prod team usually work the same weird hrs as the cast/film crew? Or reg office type hrs?”
A. both. We stagger hours.

Q. Starbucks or Tim Hortens?”
A. Starbucks. Sorry Tims.

Q. do you go to any of the cons?”
A.Just Vancouver so far. Vegas would be fun.

Q. Canada geese, yay or nay?”
A. Beautiful from a distance. Messy up close.

Q. What your favorite Canadian Province?”
A. I’m living in it. BC.

Q. Where do you get the license plates for the cars for diff states?
A. Props orders in.

Q. Do u each handle 1ep in rotation or like a PC on prepro, a PC on main crew, etc?”
A. Prep and shoot same time. It’s a busy.

Q from fellow PC, how many on team?
A. 4.

Q. Wanna be Ninja? Do you study a martial art or want to?”
A. Did. Karate.

Q. dream person to work with?”
A.Kevin Spacey.

Q. favourite bar in Vancouver? (that you can remember leaving).”
A.Always have fun at Calabash.

Q. would u rather…wear a tiara or rainbow nose ring?”

Q. Have you ever tried licorice flavoured ice cream ?”
A. Yes and it’s amazing.

Q. As a kid, what was ur aim to be? I mean do u always wanted to b in this industry?”
A. Something I wanted to do from early age.

Q. Are you any good at crossword puzzles?”
A. Love it. I’m okay but I don’t do them nearly enough.

Q. older Muppet movies or new ones??”
A. Older.

Q. who picks all the quotes of the day that you post?”
A. Yours truly. I do love suggestions though.

Q. Last night I watched 300, tonight Gladiator. It’s not wrong to be 43 y/o woman loving half dressed men in loin cloths?”
A. No.

Q. on a level of stepping in gum to winning the lottery, how much do you like your job?”
A. Very Funny. Truly best show. Great job.

Q. Something from your Bucket List you still need to do?”
A. Good one. Travel the world.

Q. What % of the S10 finale has been written? outlined? planned? conceived?”
Q. Always conceived in advance. Rest is a

Q. easy questions EH? Here’s one. Will you marry me? ”
A. let’s have a drink first.

Q. if you could have coffee w any writer alive or dead?”
A. @se4realhinton

Q. if you could be any tv character. .. who and why?”
A. Sherlock. Smart and doesn’t give a sh!t.

Q. Guilty pleasure song you ALWAYS have to sing along to?”
A. HPsauce commercial. Can you imagine.

Q. do you believe in aliens?”
A. Other life. Yes.

Q.  what is least fav task of your job as PC?”
A. Tons and tons of paper.

Q. but how busy are they with FA and how can I join them?”
A. First Aid. Need to be union and CS.

Q. Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with – Jared or Jensen?”
A. Jensen. Less gas. Lol.

Q. favorite brand of scotch. With or with out ice?”
A. Still like on the rocks.

A. Always. Life’s too short.

Q. what is most fav task of your job?”
A. Dealing with people. Office is the hub. Bullpen.

Q. They’re making a movie about your life. Who do you want to play you?”
A. Bradley Cooper. He’d make me cool.

Q. favorite toy growing up?”
A. Basketball. I’m 6’2′.

Q. One Prod Cord job desc said that some arrange travel for talent.Does your team do that for cast? Or do they do own?”
A. Both.

Q. ok favorite places to pub crawl in Vancouver.”
A. Blarney Stone or sip a little whiskey.

Q. which of the boys flirt with you the most?”
A.I don’t think flirt is the word I would use. Definitely the guy who is amazing is…

Q. If you could, who would you want to bring in to play a major female role in the show?”
A. Hmmm. Justin bieber. Lol.

Q. what is love? (Be creative) ”
A. romantic. Knowing you’re better with then without someone. And they better with you.
Q. If you could go back in time & alter ONE major direction of #SPN, what would it be?”
A. Hmm. Not kill Bobby. Count?

Q. Have you ever had an extra get violently ill off of free Red Bull?”
A. No but I have. Vegas but vodka too.

Q.  Have you ever wanted to film in – say – Florida? Asking for a friend. #SaltLife”
A. lol. Yes Kristin and could visit

Q. who is your biggest mancrush? what do you wear to sleep? do you want to build a snowman?”
A. Not sure. Not much. Yes.

Q. what is one story you’ve written..but never shared with anyone? we all have one.”
A. We do. My divorce.

Q.  Ohhhh, favorite brand of Scotch!!?”
A.Drinking Glenfiddich tonight.

Q. are you a Harry Potter fan? What’s your favorite HP movie? ”
A. yes watched them all. Last one.

Q.You want something so desperately, you make a deal w/Crowley. What do you ask for?”
A. Tires that don’t go flat. Ask Mark. Lol.

Q. Okay, LOTR or The Hobbit, or both?”
A. LOTR. Loved both but they stretched hobbit too much.

Q. How was ur first day on Supernatural Set?”
A. Amazing. Guys were so nice and welcoming. Truly great cast.

Q. are you still not accepted in the ninja community?”
A. Sadly I have not earned my black pajamas.

Q. your pic for the Best Picture Oscar?”
A. Still viewing screeners. Shhh ….

Q. How often are set medics used on the productions you work on?”
A. FA is on set everyday.

Q. Fav episode of #Supernatural? :)”
A. that’s tough but I lean towards the big arc episodes and inside joke eps as we live it

Q. favourtie place to eat in Vancouver?”
A. Depends on style of food. Love gas town. Hopping around.

Q. Funniest prank you’ve witnessed?”
A. Not something I can say on social media. Still makes me laugh.

Q. Have the boys ever pranked you or another crew member?”
A. Uh yes.

Q.  okay last question: should I eat or should I just go right to bed?”
A. Cmon Friday night. Eat.

Q. favorite of Charlie’s angels?”
A. Soft spot for drew.

Q. favorite book or best book you would recommend to someone?
A. Shantaram.

Q. has anything spooky happen to you on both sets SN/FB? ( like SPN Bloody Mary episode scary)”
A. yes sn ghost.

Q. Favorite superhero?”
A. Tough one. Like a bunch. Hmmm. I’ll come back to it.

Q. Favorite Ice cream flavour?  :D”
A. mint chocolate chip.

Q. what would happen if one got a demon trap tattoo and then had sex with a demon? #Supernatural”
A. good times?

Q. Hockey or football? Which team?”
A.Hockey not a big watcher but Canucks.

Q. Any tips for aspiring writers? PS thanks for being so “personable” to the fanbase.”
A. ask @rachlanger

Q. favourite way to receive good news?”
A. Lying down.

Q. favorite batman?”
A. No contest. Christian.

Q. favorite ninja turtle?”
A. Just watched with triplets. Hmm the red guy.

Q. Toilet paper roll… Over or under? ”
A. lol. I’m type A so always over or I change it. Don’t touch my stapler.

Q. Jody or Donna?”
A. Jody / Kim.

Q. something sweet or something salty? ”
A. more on the salty.

Q. Pig in a Poke or Pie?”
A. Pie anyday.

Q. Favorite Beatle?”
A. John.

Q.  how’d you end up with #supernatural?”
A. They drugged me, blindfolded me and I woke up chained to a desk.

Q. Favorite Dad: Bobby or John?”
A. Bobby. Hands down.

Q. How often do the writers get to visit set & see the actors/crew?”
A. just gave Jenny a big hug today.

Q. you the only man I know that can mutil task! What is your job title on SPN & Frostbite pictures? Please”
A. production cord on sn, exec producer for FB.

Q. favorite office supply store? Office Depot, Office Max or Staples… Or (insert Canada office supply chain here)”
A. mills/hoskins

Q. Star Wars or Star Trek?”
A. Tough one. Old Star Wars but new Star Trek.

Q. What’s your favorite candy?”
A. Anything with dark chocolate and caramel.

Q. Jason, have you seen any Oscar nominated Films? Best Actor or Film pick? :)”
A. watching imitation game tonight.

Q. YES, I want to know who his favorite muppet is.
A. Animal.

Q. do you usually work on 3-4 eps at a time?”
A. Normally office is prepping / shooting. Except 1st and last Ep

Q. What ep are ya workin’ on Jason? I wanna know what all the commotion is about. “
A. Main 15, 2nd 12/13, prepping 16 … Busy.

Q. The Boys could be just looking at each other for 42 minutes and I’d still watch/Love it!”
A. weird that’s the finale

Thank you Jason for taking the time to Interact with the SPNFamily.

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