AMA with Supernatural I/O Coordinator Adam Williams

On January 18th Supernatural I/O Coordinator Adam Williams carried out and #AMA with the #SPNFamily on his twitter account @Adamwvfx
I have compiled all the questions and answers here:

Q. Have the boys ever tried pranking you? If yes, details.

A. no, but they might know i exist. Or not. No idea really.

Q. How have the effects in SPN changed over the years? More? Less? More complicated? Which was most difficult to achieve?

A. the vfx have more than quadrupled since S1.. As far as challenging i cant say, im too new (S8) word to describe the unaired episodes of s10? 

A. awesome

Q. What shows would you say stood out, inspired you/the SPN team, or just set the bar for VFX in genre TV?

A.  when we burned Abaddon we pushed the limits of TV VFX realism, IMO. Hard to do better with the time and budget of TV.

Q. what has been your favorite effect?

A. the burns of the Rabbi and Abaddon. @ChristopherSPN is a frikkin jedi.

Q. how did you get I to your field? Who inspired you?

A.  i wouldnt be in film if it wasnt for @ryan_curtis

Q. I bet there’s an interesting story here about how & why Ryan inspired you to do VFX work. Do tell, please.

A. originally it was just making cool stuff and he was so interested in it I gave Vegas a shot and dabbled.

Q. what is the most difficult VFX to achieve on SPN? #AskMeAnything

A. S08E08 i believe.. Inside the old guys head. Why? There were a lot of shots to organize.

Q. In three words how would you describe the upcoming episodes you’ve completed so far this season?

A. get your diapers

Q. Would you call yourself a fan? What do YOU fan over, if so?

A. the only thing i have ever fanned over is TOOL and the #SPNFamily

Q. What was the hardest episode to work on & why?

A. S08E08 i believe.. Inside the old guys head. Why? There were a lot of shots to organize.

Q. from what we’ve seen so far of season 10 what is the VFX piece your are proudest of?

A. the title

Q. How did you get into VFX?

A. @ryan_curtis inspired me to try out visuals on Vegas years ago. I was always more into coloring even then as seen on my Utube

Q. What’s the favorite part of your job?

A. being paid

Q. what unaired s10 episode contains your favorite fx?

A. 1013 will be eye candy

Q. confess: do you apply your vfx skills to yourself? for example putting on demon eyes on friends or yourself

A. as far as compositing goes i am not skilled, so i leave that to the pros

Q. What’s your favorite part of S10 so far?

A. though i suspect you mean on the show, my fave part has been when folks from post came up – was great meeting them

Q. What is your favorite special effects that you guys do on the show?

A. the burns.. But also portals, and smoke outs. Its really all in the shot.. When Crowley smoked into Sam for example it was aces

Q. Coffee or tea? Boxers or briefs? Batman or Superman? Favorite show(other than SPN)? Favorite band? Favorite food? Favorite movie?

A. coffee, briefs, neither, GoT, TOOL, burgers, Baraka

Q. what`s your favorite VFX in the history of SPN,like one that really stands out for you?

A.  end of S8E23

Q. do you watch SPN like really not just how the VFX turned out? 🙂 who is your favorite character?

A. i cant watch it as a normal viewer, ive already seen it. But the final has more music, sounds, and polish. Fav character is Cas

Q. what is the most difficult VFX to achieve on SPN? #AskMeAnything

A. the most difficult thing we do (i would guess) is CG stuff like the 816 hellhound or fishtaco.

 Q. Is there any particular vfx shot that you’re super duper proud of?

A. being the #vfx editorial guy i am proud of it all.. I don’t get too attached to shots since i don’t do them

 Q. What’s your favorite part about going to work everyday?

A. the coffee.. Mmmmm

 Q.any advice on learning materials for someone who wants to explore the #vfx art

A. learn photoshop..

Q. really? So it is photoshop that they use in Supernatural or something more complex?

A. no PS is just a good starting point to wrap your noggin around how effects are accomplished.

Q. How do you like where the story is going for S10?

A. i am impartial to the arc.. I don’t read scripts any more so i am only a few eps ahead of everyone else.

Q.  I know you attend VanCon, but would you like to go to any other Supernatural Conventions? If yes where?

A. yes, vegas.

 Q. SPN is such a phenomenal show! 10 seasons in is there any effect u r most proud of or r looking forward to?

A. most proud of our burns, looking forward to [ Censored ]

 Q. Has there ever been an effect that the script called for but was undoable? And the fairies were real, right?


 Q. yay to the fairies! Details on the other?

A. i am not able to provide details 😉

Q. Damn! I was hoping my tactical questioning would fool you! Did theme of a script ever have to be changed because VFX problematic?

A. not to my knowledge. I am really not privy to that process, when that is discussed i am having a dance party in the VFX Lab.

Q. wanna color my hair that awesome blue you have?

A. at your place, sure. Not in my bathroom again though.

Q. favorite kind of candy? how orginal i know…

A. i don’t like candy much. More of a cookie guy.

 Q. If you guys had limitless resources to work with and enough time… what would you want to add (VFX wise) on an episode?

A. i would add me as Baphomet. Really though, the sky is the limit. Our guys and gear could do amazeballs with more time and money.

Q. How many days do you get to work on an episode? how many would you like to have if it was possible?

A. we get a lot of time at first, and then it gets slowly shaved down to a little over a week.

Q. Any shot from early years of SPN you’d like to redo with newer/better VFX technology?

A. nothing particularly, but in general the tech allows us to do more in the time we have

Q. what do you need to study to do your job on Supernatural?

A. all depends on the studio.. Look up io coord on  (or something like that)

Q. Are there strict indications from above for the title cards or ur department just pick the current theme & figure out what to do?

A.  it changes.. And multiple options are considered. Sometimes the artists own inspiration is used because its so badass. #SNX

Q. the title card from season 10 was the option you made? 🙂

A. no i couldn’t do that to save my life. That was Maestro @ChristopherSPN

Q. how long have you work for SPN?, fav char?, has the show change your life? What your advice for people going into your field?

A. since S8, Cas, yes, learn everything and always do your best

 Q. beside Misha, what the strangest thing that happen to you on set?

A. I cant say until 1012 airs 😉

 Q.  what is the craziest thing you’ve done

A. probably hitchhiking in Jan and sleeping outside w/o blanket or tent for 1-2 weeks 3 diff years. Usually to see @ryan_curtis

Q.  I know that we always see Cas wings ass something ethereal but if in any episode they became real, what colour would you pick?

A. probably whiteish

Q. What unnoticed or under-appreciated VFX do we have in SPN that you’d direct fans to pay attention to if you could?

A. if you didn’t know it was vfx then we did it right. Please, continue to not notice.

Q. If a film was made of your life who would you want to play you?!

A. me

Q. No you can’t have you..

A. ok then.. Johnny Depp.

Q. Purgatory or Hell, which is more ‘fun’ ?

A. id pick Purgatory. Chill with Benny n shit. @TyOlsson

 Q. eh? What hair color is listed on your driver’s license?

A. brown

Q. Hi, how did you get the Supernatural job? Xx

A. long story short, after being a superhero for two decades i decided to retire into film.Q. Arh yes, I can see the attractions, better hours, dental. Less wear and tear on the spandex. ;+)A. no dental..but you don’t see me complaining.

Q. what’s your favorite thing about @JasonFischer77? 

A. my lawyer has censored my reply citing workplace harAssment laws butt if u can guess we can put it Behind us

Q. If you could be a superhero what would your name be and what would you wear? 

A. i would be the Mad Streaker and my outfit would be my birthday suit.

Q. I know you worked on Misha’s TSA shorts, do you have any other projects planned outside of SPN?

A. yes but i am not at liberty to say what

Q. if you were asked to create Cas’ true form what would it be? And how big? #AskMeAnything 

A. it would b a bright glorious Cas-shaped pillar of light, all nuclear and plasma, tall as the Chrysler buildingQ. White light, blue, rainbow swirl?A. white leaning into the slightest bluish hue.. Maybe rimmed with yellows as the plasma oxidizes

Q. we always ask the cast about how they would end the show. What about you? what would be your perfect finale?

A. I can think of dozens and dozens of potential stories for SPN, and not one includes a grand finale.

Q. What has been the most challenging scene for you so far & is there something that you wish had turned out better?

A. as editorial guy scenes aren’t particularly challenging. As for what i wished turned out better, id say S9 demo reel Part 3

Q. this may have been asked, but why blue hair and not another color?

A. i happened to have the blue from my 20’s

Q.  what is the most challenging aspect of your work?
A. digesting the first cut of every episode

Q. which is better: pancakes or waffles?

A. which is better: pancakes or waffles? 

Q. What do you love the most&least about the job overall?

A. the people and the environment

Q. do they/have they ever completely missed something (a shot, ?) that you really needed?

A. not really no.. If time is short we do have to compromise, but its a we thing, not a them thing

Q. that’s so cool. I’m new to SPN (tripped over it on Netflix). It’s more fun to watch a show when you know they’re a team.

A. its rare for a TV show to have its own inhouse VFX dept, so far as i am aware.

Q. It’s nice to have some job security-have you worked there from S01?

A. no S8

Q. Is VFX usually sent to a central studio location or an independent source chosen by the producers?

A. vfx is done at the studio by our inhouse team 

Q. if you had one spectacular VFX to do before SPN ends, what would you want it to be? #AskMeAnything

A. i would like to see some large scale carnage.

Q. what other shows would you love to work on?

A. anything but GoT. I don’t want to ruin my favorite show.. Not that there is any actual chance of that. that is, of course, after i leave SPN which ain’t happening any time soon

Q. Do you still do the thing…with the thing? 😉 #ama
A. The batteries died…

Q. What products do you use on your hair? Especially dyes?

A. Punky color..

 Thanks to Adam for answering the SPNFamily twitter questions. 

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