25 Questions with Supernatural’s Rob Benedict (Hellatus 2014) Day 1


Six weeks to exist without our favorite show seems a bit much to ask of the devoted SPN family, alas, Hellatus is real and must be overcome! What better way to while away the days and weeks than getting to know our beloved cast and crew a little better? Many of these fine people have attended conventions and answered numerous questions about Supernatural, so we decided to take a different route and get a little more personal with them! We sent the same questionnaire to several of the actors, crew members, and others associated with the show. Each day from now until our show returns, (or we run out of people who answered us 😀 ), we will share their answers with you. We hope you enjoy this special little glimpse into their lives as much as we do.

And….who better to begin with than Rob Benedict himself. Whether playing…

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