A very Supernatural Location Hunt – Part 3 – Purgatory!

The day we went to Purgatory.


Well OK not actual purgatory, but a great place called Panther Paintball Limited in Langley where the Supernatural Purgatory scenes were filmed, plus a few others as we found out on the day.

Panther Paintball Field Ltd, 19022 16th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3A 4N4

We arrived at the paintball venue hoping that they would allow us to take a few pictures from outside; what we didn’t expect was that when they found out we were supernatural fans that they would offer to give us a tour and show us the ‘Decapitation tree’

Of course we all jumped at the chance, even when we found out that this would mean walking through live paintball matches with some very fetching headgear on.

So with our facemasks firmly in place and our arms raised high to show that we were not a target, we stepped into the paintball warzone.


Our first stop, after dodging people dramatically dying from paintball wounds or being scared by others suddenly appertaining with their guns aimed at us from behind a tree, was the decapitation tree.

This is the tree that we first see Dean kill someone in Purgatory:

The most wonderful thing about this tree is that is still has the cut marks in from where it was repeatedly hit with Dean’s homemade weapon.
Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but when in a paintball warzone it is kind of a snap and run situation.

On the Panther paintball site there is another barn that has been used in a couple of episodes:

One episode that we new of which was S08E01: ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ where Crowley ends up in a filed of goats.


Also one that we only found out about when S10E04: ‘Paper Moon’ aired the week following our adventures.  This was the werewolves secret cabin.
woolf barn

The final part of our panther paintball location hunt was the very plain looking cabin that Russ (Supernatural locations manager) had pointed out to the fans on his summer location tour as being featured in one of the upcoming episodes.
Our panther paintball guide told us that it had been converted into a bar for the shoot and had motocycles lined up outside. He knew it would be in Season 10 but didn’t know which episode.
Well we didn’t have to wait long to find out as it was the very next episode that aired – S10E04; ‘Paper Moon’
After seeing the barn as it is normally and then what the Supernatural crew managed to turn it into, we are in awe of their work.
Here is the before shot of the entrance to that Barn/Bar:
Here is what they did with that for the shoot:
new barn
Here is the Inside of the bar/barn:
Here is what they did with it to turn it into a bar!
bar02 bar01
We had no idea what it would look like, It is truly amazing what they can create out of nothing.

This concludes our first set of ‘Very Supernatural Location hunt’s’. All i can say is that it was a fantastic day, it really is worth the time and traveling to get to these places, so if you ever get the chance to do so i encourage you to go for it!
Anyway I hope you have enjoyed it and hopefully I will be reporting on more awesome Supernatural locations very soon.
Lucy x

One thought on “A very Supernatural Location Hunt – Part 3 – Purgatory!

  1. As the owner of Panther I look forward to each time the CREW comes out, for those wondering the first time they came out was season 6, episode 22 when Sam fights himself at the end of the show, it takes place down by the creek that runs through the property. A month or so back I decided to Binge view from season one, right through the entire supernatural series to date. Have to admit it’s kinda cool knowing and recognizing your own property ( we also stood in for the Jersey Devil swamps 7-9) After I finish all 10 seasons I will compile a list for Russ’ next summer tour showing each spot and tree ( Ranger Rick’s hanging spot for example)
    Panther Action Sportz

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