The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel – fun facts from Supernatural S10E01 – Black

After what seemed like about 10 years of waiting, the Supernatural Season 10 premier was upon us! I had  personally been really looking forward to it, especially after seeing the preview clips and reading as many spoilers as possible! I had high hopes for Season 10 or SNX….and boy I was not disappointed!

Here are some fun facts and other information about the episode for the SPNFamily.

  • First the ‘Road so far’ moment; a heartbreaking look back over those that we had loved and lost in Season 9. *Internally screams Kevin’s name* set to an awesome song chosen by Asst Editor Nancy Hurley

Pat Benatar-Heartbreaker
Artist: Pat Benatar
Album: In the Heat of the Night
Released: 1979

Which just went perfectly with the clips and set the tone for what was to come, ending with the now infamous “Lets go take a howl at that moon” by Crowley and Demon Dean opening his jet black demon eyes!

  • The Season 10 Title card was yet again created by the extremely talented SPN VFX Lead Artist – Christopher Richardson – (@ChristopherSPN)

With its black demon smoke and shimmering angel grace streaming out to revel a pentagram it is just perfect!

  • This episode, although aired first,  was not filmed first. That was so  that Jensen Ackles (director extraordinaire) could direct his episode as soon as the returned from hiatus.

  • During the episode you will see that Sam has his arm in a sling, this was actually after Jared damaged his arm/shoulder and had to have surgery following an unfortunate accident during a playful wrestling match with Osric Chau at JibCon in Rome earlier in the year.

Osric says they were chilling in the green room and they were bored and jared wanted to wrestle, osric was like sure thing and jared walked up to him, os wanted to go in a better environment but jared was like let’s do it there.
‘his head he’s the size of my hand!’ Anyway os was up for it and they went at it, os headlocked him. ‘i was like a backpack on him’ meanwhile ty was giving them tips – instructional jujitsu! – jared was v competitive abt that.
jared was about to stand up, os was like he’s gonna throw me on the floor which he tried and os ended up on top of him and then jared went like ‘i think i dislocated a shoulder’ very stonefaced.
jared went and popped it twice before he tried to stretch, and tahmoh and cliff put the shoulder back in place. poor os was feeling guilty and everyone else was cheering him lololol also os and cliff stayed with jared watching him sleep watching an italian soap – ty: that was kinda creepy. also awww jared joined them at dinner later so osric wouldn’t worry.
– @janiedean

*Castiel’s pimpmobile was back, I guess he really loves that car! For those that need to know it is a  1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V with the licence plate IA B2676.


  • The hilarious Gas n Zip Clerk, Mickey, who totally nailed his scene, was played by an actor called Zachary Gulka (@zacharygulka)  – Zachary Gulka IMDb. The SPNFamily showed him the love and he tweeted this response:


  • You may have recognized two of the lovely ladies in this episode as they have been on Supernatural before as different characters:

Raquel Riskin, who played the demon Dar that was being tortured by Sam at the beginning, previously played Amber Greer in 5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future. She was the unfortunate baby sitter that clawed her own brains out after the itching powder turned out to be very real and work far to well.

Emily Fonda, who played Deans conquest Anne Marie, previously played Make-Up Girl #1 in 6.15 The French Mistake.

“I’m a painted whore!” Dean Winchester

  •  The was a blood moon following the airing of this episode, perfect timing!

2 thoughts on “The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel – fun facts from Supernatural S10E01 – Black

  1. Awesome episode, though I’m trying to find the courage to re-watch, I missed a fair bit crying over poor Cas……

  2. I agree that Supernatural is just as good as ever, if not better! I’m enjoying Dean and Crowley hanging out together, but sad that Dean no longer cares about Sam. I love the Season 10 title card too!

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