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Supernatural has been cancelled by the only channel showing it in the UK and the UK fans are waiting for information on when/if it will get a new home for Season 9 & 10.

There have been various projects by the UK fans to try and get SPN back in the UK!

  • Supernatural Wayward Son was a campaign to try and get Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas to No1 in the UK. It didn’t quite make it to No.1 in the music charts, but did make it into the download charts and No.1 in the Amazon rock download charts, plus the campaign received attention fro many important people including Warner Brothers.


  • @SaveSPNintheUK Selfies Video Campaign – Fans from across the UK showed their need for Supernatural to be aired in the UK, by submitting a ‘selfie’ holding up a sign with the hastag  #UKNeedsSPN or #UKNeedsSupernatural
  • @SaveSPNintheUK flyers have been handed out at UK conventions and posted everywhere online.

  • Letter writing campaigns, to contact the people that may be able to get the show back onto UK TV
  • Petitions to get SPN back to the UK
  • Groups, sites, social media accounts set up for the sole purpose of getting Supernatural back in the UK.

What next?

There are rumors that NetflixUK will be showing Supernatural S9, but no word on when and if they will be showing S10.

The S9 DVD is supposedly going to be released in the UK on October 20th, but as yet top sites like Amazon UK do not have a release date listed.

How do UK fans watch?

The UK fans have had to resort to downloading the show. This is not something that they want to do, but to be able to be part of the fandom they need to keep up to date with the show. By not showing Supernatural S9 or S10 in line with the US air date the UK fans are being forced to do something illegal or risk being excluded from the fandom! The fandom which many say has not only enhanced but also saved their lives.

Not Important?

There are many UK fans and they are just as dedicated as the US fans; look at how fast the Supernatural Conventions sell out in the UK. Asylum14, to be held next May, sold out within months with just one guest announced!

But because they are not US fans they are forgotten, not important.

What more can we do? 

The only thing the UK fans can do is to keep trying, make your voices heard.

Tell me your story

If you are a UK Supernatural fan please explain why the show is important to you and why you want it back on UK TV, plus how difficult it has been for you not being able to watch it in line with US air dates. If you are a non UK fan please let me know what the show means to you and how you would feel if you were unable to watch it like the UK fans.

3 thoughts on “Save SUPERNATURAL in the UK!

  1. Hi, I’m a US watcher, and I can’t help but be horrified at this turn of events. I’ve seen the differences between US and UK when it comes to the show and its always upset me, but this is just absurd. We need to get the show back on! So many of my fangirls are in the UK and I know just how awful it is when they feel excluded in contests and other things, I can only imagine what it will be like to be excluded from the show! I know so many people that were literally saved when they saw SPN for the first time, not only because of the show and its emphasis on family, but also the fanbase. These people often found their first and only place where they felt they belonged and accepted. I can only imagine the stress they will feel if they can’t be up to date anymore. Although I hardly think they would be thrown out of the fandom because they’re behind a bit, it’s still not pleasant to have to avoid your fandom because it’s spoilers and the feeling of not being able to keep up. Let’s get SPN back on the air and save our UK supporters! Without them, we lose half the fandom. Period.

  2. As a UK fan this situation has been a huge deal for me! I became a fan just a few years ago after binge watching the first five seasons, after a major family loss. Supernatural literally helped me cope with stress and grief, and for this the show will always be important to me, because it was there during a tough time in my life.
    Not just that though, allowing myself to be even a little involved in the fandom has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. As a normally quiet, shy person, seeing my fellow fans being themselves and getting all excited about this show has helped me to accept that it’s OK for me to be a fan. A few years ago I’d probably have never owned up to some of my geeky habits, now I know that it’s not just me I’ve found that I’m quite a bit more open about that side of me. Thank you SPN family for helping me out there! 🙂
    Also, I attended Asylum 12 earlier this year (my first ever convention) and found myself chatting to people with no problem whatsoever – normally I have a huge problem talking to people! I think this is a huge testament to how the SPN fandom has helped me! Even with Jared and Misha I felt so comfortable! Almost everyone I’ve ever encountered in the SPN family have been fantastic!
    With regards to watching – this has been difficult. My mum watched the show when it first aired here on ITV2. She would watch every week! Then SKY living took it and, as we were not SKY customers at the time, she fell behind. Like me, she caught up a few years ago using S1 – 5 DVDs. That’s when we really started having problems with spoilers. In a time of social media, it became impossible to hide from the spoilers. I knew about Sam’s soulessness, his hellucinations, the falling angels and so much more MONTHS before I saw any of it. There were hardly any surprises for me with seasons 6 – 8, because I’d heard about them in fanfics and on facebook.
    Last year I decided we ought to use *cough*alternate*cough* methods to watch season 9 so as to avoid spoilers easier and it greatly improved my viewing experience! I saw far fewer spoilers which meant I had the opportunity to be just as surprised and awed as the rest of the fans in the US!
    That’s the thing that really shocks and bemuses me about this whole situation. Surely TV bosses realise that not showing TV shows like Supernatural will just lead to more and more people watching online or downloading. Especially when it’s a show like Supernatural which is coming into it’s 10th season!!

  3. I too recently discovered the show and binge-watched the whole lot. I’m a middle aged recently divorced single mum, and I’m usually pretty level headed but there’s just something about Supernatural that brought out the (previously undiscovered) rabid fangirl in me. I’ve always been a bit of a SciFi geek.

    There are loads of us UK fans out there in the glorious world of fandom and we’re all mysteriously up to date. If Season 10 was on Netflix then I’d sign up. Hell, I’d sign up for any of the previous seasons 🙂

    Seems to me that they’re losing out on revenue by not making the DVDs available to buy. We Supernatural fans are renowned for being… well, fanatical. If I can own a bit of the Winchesters then I will. I may or may not have bought a Samulet off eBay 😉

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