Misha Collins FB Q&A 25th July 2014

Misha Collins FB Q&A 25th July 2014

Hi. My name is Misha. I am here to solve you problems while simultaneously starting trouble.

• Question: Any advice for a 1st time GISHWES participant?
• Misha Collins Yes! Breath. Stay calm. Stock up on kale. And while it’s happening, keep reminding yourself, “this won’t last forever.

• Question:: So, already too many questions for you to answer lol. As a newbie GISHER any valuable tips?
• Misha Collins: Don’t do any FB Q&A’s.

• Question:It’s pretty impressive that you stay so grounded with the fan base you have. You’re an amazing role model
• Misha Collins: i’m not grounded. I’m a total mess. can’t even start a facebook Q&A. As far as i can tell i’m answering questions in two Q & As that i started simultaneously. Is that something a role model would do? Think about it. (but thanks for being nice.)

• Question: How often do you use your snake oil?
• Misha Collins: I try not to overdo it. I would say i apply Serpessence (serpessence.com) less than once every 15 minutes.

• Question: misha! if you reply I’ll convince my parents to let me sign up for gishwhes!
• Misha Collins: Suck it parents! nicole is doing gishwhes.com this year. You owe it to her. Don’t stifle her. Let her spread her wings! (Nicole you take the persuading from here).

• Question: Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
• Misha Collins: Liquidy.

• Question: What game annoys you the most?
• Misha Collins: FB Q&A.

• Question: There is NOT a kale shortage on the east coast (we checked), Will there still be a kale related item?
• Misha Collins: Clearly.

• Question:When will we see a new “cooking fast and fresh?”
• Question: Drue Dorsey How is he ever going to see this post with so many other people posting?!!
• Misha Collins: Great question. Let me know if you find the answer.

• Question: Is it weird having people’s profile pictures of you when you don’t know them?
• Misha Collins: it’s great

• Question: Waffle fries or regular fries? This is for science.
• Misha Collins: Neither. You are disgusting! Curly fries!

• Question: Fourth time doing GISHWHES but this time I’m six months pregnant (nothing can stop me from participating!) I hope there will be an item that involves a pregnant woman!
• Misha Collins: Heather, first of all, congratulations! Secondly i am so glad you brought this up! Because until just now there was not a pregnant woman item and now there is! Thanks for helping me see the error of my ways.

• Question: Should we REALLY be hoarding acorns for GISHWHES?
• Misha Collins: Regardless, why wouldn’t you want to hoard acorns?

• Question: you should go on the GISHWHES chatroom
• Misha Collins: I’m on there daily.

• Question: Would you ever buy a cutout of yourself?
• Misha Collins: I already own a few. I buy them in bulk.

• Question: If you could play any marvel super hero, who would you be?
• Question: This question is amazeballs.
• Misha Collins: totally agree.

• Question: Can we expect any new Cooking With West episodes in the future?
• Misha Collins: It’s up to him, really. He’s such a primadona.

• Question: can I eat your face??
• Misha Collins: Maybe I’ll make that a Gishwhes item.

• Question: Misha, you’re going to break the internet. AGAIN. Goddammit with you.
• Misha Collins: This should be a wakeup call to the internet. It needs to stay in shape. Do more sit-ups. Eat more kale. I shouldn’t be able to take it down so easily.

• Question: What keeps you awake at night?
• Misha Collins: Trying to figure out FB Q&A’s.

• Question: So you’ll be in San Diego soon. I live in San Diego. Would you like to go hiking with me?
• Misha Collins: I would love to go hiking. Let’s catch and eat some rattlesnakes.

• Question: How come you never answered my very pressing texted message about my book/movie deal?
• Misha Collins: Because i’m having my attorneys and my spiritual guides review your proposal.

• Question: How crazy will Gishwhes be compared to last year?
• Misha Collins: I would say this year, on the craziness scale, GISHWHES.com will go up to 11.

• Question: Are there people of Mexico doing GISHWHES? I feel like I’m the only one
• Misha Collins: Yes. There are tons of mexicans in this years hunt. They’re everywhere. GISHWHES participants from mexico, please say, “hi” to Mariana. She needs you.

• Question: whats your favorite color and food?
• Misha Collins: Orange and kale. Ironically, though, i won’t touch orange kale.

• Question: Does the items list include a naked John Barrowman?
• Misha Collins: It does now.

• Question: Are you real? Am I real? What is real?
• Misha Collins: I think of myself as “real” all the time, but in a Buddhist context, i am an illusion and so are you.

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