Misha Collins GISHWHES Q&A part 1&2

 From July 7th – July 9th 2014 Misha Collins tried to arrange an AMA on Reddit to answer questions about GISHWHES 

It started after William Shatner made a deal with the current ‘Misha Collins’ account on Reddit to change their name to his – because he loves teasing Misha! 

William Shatner @WilliamShatner · May 31

I’m going to head over to Reddit. BTW there is a Misha Collins subreddit there that I bestow love upon because what’s his name does not.

William Shatner @WilliamShatner · Jun 27

Dearest @mishacollins please stay away from Reddit. Made a deal with the moderators of the Misha Collins subreddit to rename it after me.

So Misha Responded with this: 

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 7

Dear Bill, I’m defiling reddit with an AMA(AG) tomorrow “Ask Me Anything (About GISHWHES)” @ 3:30PST. My reddit user:

 Embedded image permalink

Unfortunately that didn’t go exactly to plan…

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

That was another error… hold on. I’m giving you whiplash…

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

The reddit AMA timing was wrong, but it isn’t my fault. The international date line was miscalibrated. I’m doing it tomorrow at 3:30 PST.

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

I’m doing a reddit AMA tomorrow at 3:30. Please stop trying to confuse me. my reddit domicile is: http://www.reddit.com/user/This_is_not_Misha/ …

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

Now, because of the error (obviously not my fault), i am here to answer your twit questions now.

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

but before that… i’m not your mother & i don’t like yelling at you, but HURRY UP & JOIN THE COOL KIDS IN GISHWHES! http://www.gishwhes.com

So he started responding to Twitter Questions: 

  • @XombieGirls Question =  can we use quotes from you on shirts for our e4k fundraiser this year?
  • Misha Collins Answer = Of course. As long as they’re not quotes that make me look stupid or crazy. Shoot. that does’t leave you a lot to work with.
  • @superwhodemi Question =  What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Supernatural cast?
  • Misha Collins Answer = I would have to say, the group steam showers. And torturing brad creasser, our camera operator.
  • @jade_maiden333 Question =  Can you give us any hints as to what to expect this year as a part of GISHWES?
  • Misha Collins Answer =  yes, @jade_maiden333 we’ve decided to make this year’s http://GISHWHES.com  a very relaxing, well-organized, normal, ho-hum event.
  • Misha Collins Answer = shame on you, @cielidiciniglia, Jensen is a delightful director who is doing a great job on this episode. I would never disrupt his process.
  • @xSara_0x Question = can u tell me that u love me ? That would make me happy for the rest of my life.
  • Misha Collins Answer = @xSara_0x I love you. Small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness.
  • @DoctorHoobs Question = your tweet alerts are interrupting my nap. Do you feel bad?
  • Misha Collins Answer = I am so sorry, @DoctorHoobs. Shhhhhhh. Go back to sleep. I’ll call you later.
  • @fazzdi_mars Question = I can’t get any of my friends to participate should I still do gishwhes if I’m the only one from my country in the team? @mishacollins
  • Misha Collins Answer = Of course you should. Will someone who’s joined http://www.gishwhes.com  alone tweet @fazzdi_mars & explain how you meet awesome new people.
  • @huntahofvamps Question = Who do you think will win the Cup?
  • Misha Collins Answer = I actually know who will win this year, but the World Cup brass asked me not to tell because they think I’d “spoil it for everyone.”
  • @MissJeanLouis Question = is there anyone that should be hiding in a bunker during GISHWHES this year as they might be part of an item?
  • Misha Collins Answer = Great question, @MissJeanLouis! @TheOrlandoJones, @Team_barroman, employees of @CW_network and the @CIA should stock their bunkers
  • @emilyfitts50 Question = Go to prom with me?
  • Misha Collins Answer = Yes! Where is it? Do you have a dress my size i can wear? I don’t want to clash. Should i pick you up? I have a drivers license!
  • Misha Collins Answer = actually, it is. Thank you for noticing. http://www.serpessence.com

And then he had to go…

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

Okay. i have to run now. I’m on a phone call with @dilmabr & i’ve rudely had her on hold for the past 45 minutes. She needs me now.

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

just go do it now: http://www.gishwhes.com . I would feel guilty harping about it, but i don’t because it’s f****g awesome.

Misha Collins @mishacollins · Jul 8

And by “f****g awesome” i mean, “flipping awesome.” get your mind out of the gutter.

The much anticipated new date and time for the Reddit AMA arrived…but there were more problems: 

Misha Collins @mishacollins · 11h

Our “director” is all Over the map. He keeps changing the scene order so I have to reschedule the reddit AMA for Monday at 2:30.

Misha Collins @mishacollins · 11h

Again, sorry about what this guy has done to the schedule. I knew I couldn’t trust someone who dressed like this:

 Embedded image permalink

Misha Collins @mishacollins · 9h

I noticed a few of you still haven’t signed up for http://Www.GISHWHES.com  (I’m not going to name names–you know who you are). Chop chop.

Then he answered more Twitter questions: 

  • @ZettyForLife Question = i was thinking of signing up. Should i?
  • Misha Collins Answer =  yes
Misha Collins @mishacollins · 9h 
I see a lot of people saying they can’t do it because they don’t have $18. If that’s really true, apply for a gisholarship & do it for free.

  • @ventisettee Question = no one in Houston is doing it 😦 is it possible to do it alone? would that even be fun?
  • Misha Collins Answer = that’s the best way to do it. You will make 14 awesome new friends.

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