What’s dead should stay dead.

I was lucky enough to be in a position where I could treat myself to a ticket to the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Vancouver – VanCon2013. I didn’t even look at any of the other conventions run by Creation as Vancouver is where Supernatural is filmed, so you get added bonuses like the crew attending the con and the chance to go on a locations tour with the actual Supernatural location manager. Plus when you are not at the con you can search out your own previous film locations or even find a current shoot if you’e really lucky!

I had never been to a Creation convention before so wanted to experience everything that I could. That is why I decided to enter the Salute to Supernatural Music Video contest.

I discussed ideas with some very talented and creative friends of mine and we eventually came up with the idea of puppets. With their help I wrote and sang the song, accompanied by the music that my friend Simon and written and recorded especially. This was a daunting task as I had never done anything like this before and didn’t even know if i could hold a tune until we started recording.

To go with the song we needed a plan for the video and what to do with the puppets that we had created as replicas of Sam and Dean. To co-inside with the words from the song we filmed the puppets acting out certain pivotal moments from the show. This was a complete learning curve for all of us; none of us had filmed anything like this before so we were constantly trying to come up with suitable ways to get the puppets to move and act out the scenes that we wanted.

There are a few scenes that stand out for me; one was filming the puppets in the Impala (a cardboard cutout). Having two people holding the puppets and the Impala walking in a circle while I tried to film them and not get the edges of the cardboard or any human parts in the shot. My friend Tasha actually had a black scarf wrapped around her head acting as the seat in the Impala so that she could hold the puppet up sufficiently, which of course meant that she couldn’t see a thing.

Filming the blood coming out of Sam’s nose and Dean’s chest was a great achievement, attaching red ribbon to string and pulling it at the exact right moment while filming.

Making them stand and interact with the camera or each other; trying to balance them and move them with string. So many times resulting in them face planting into the ground as you see in the outtakes.

Another shot which is quite a small one in the video, was the snooker/pool one where Dean pots the ball. This was so difficult to get but we were incredibly determined. I think this may have been take 20 that we finally got the ball in, but it was worth it.

Finally we had all the shots and with the help of my friends daughter, who is a film student, we managed to create the final video.

The whole process of making this video took about two months working weekends and evenings whenever we had any free time.

But all this time and effort was worth it in the end as the Video won the VanCon music video award 2013!

Hearing my name called out and then having to go up on stage to introduce my winning video was strange enough, to then have to sit in a room with all the other fans while it played on the big screens, my nervous singing voice booming out over the event speakers was an extremely surreal moment.

I could not have done any of this with out the help of my dear friends, Simon, Tasha and Ella.

If you are thinking of entering the video contest, I say do it! Come up with something creative and fun to make. This was such an amazing experience for me and it could be for you too.

One thought on “What’s dead should stay dead.

  1. Not sure if I could be that creative, but maybe something I could hash together on my pc? it’s as much about the taking part as the wining I think,

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