Misha Collins – Supernatural Facebook page Q&A March 25th 2014

I have removed all names – Questions are just shown as Q.

  • Misha Collins How does this work?
  • Misha Collins thanks. This helps.

  • Q. Whats your favorite episode Misha???
  • Misha Collins the french mistake.
  • Q. whants to know what happened with the old trench coat lol
  • Misha Collins It’s in the smithsonian
  • Q.who gives better hugs jensen or jared lol
  • Misha Collins Jensen. Jared’s too bony.
  • Q. Hi!!! My question is how much would I have to pay for you to come to my 13 birthday party?!?! I will find a way to get it (please not to unrealistic I’m only 12) I would do anything!!!! Please reply you are amazing and my idol I want to meet you for my birthday!! My dad didn’t have enough to take me to the Vegascon or the chicon:( so I want to meet you for my birthday! I love you!!! 💕💞💞💕
  • Misha Collins Well, we have new minimum wage laws in the US, so it’s at least 10 bucks an hour and with travel time, that could add up. You’re not going to get me to the party for less than $80 is my guess. Plus cake.
  • Q. how do you want supernatural to end?
  • Misha Collins I would like to be filming while an actual asteroid hits the planet and we all go up in a fiery apocalyptic explosion.
  • Q. How many takes did it take to get the guinea pig scene right? I swear i laugh just thinking about that scene.   
  • Misha Collins actually it took several. And the funny part was jared’s response. Most of the takes he responded to my “you have a guinea pig?” line with a very angry, “No!” like, “How stupid can one guy be?” it made me laugh ever time.
  • Q.are you planning any retribution for the pie incidents?
  • Misha Collins Yes. Revenge served cold. And i plan to have the damage be permanent.
  • Q. All i want is to enjoy a single slice of pizza with you, is that too darn much to ask?
  • Misha Collins Send the pizza to burnaby, bc
  • Q. How would you like to be remembered?
  • Misha Collins As someone who really gummed up the works.
  • Q. Hi Misha Do you own this store? If not, I’m pretty sure they’ll let you do your dry cleaning there for free!! Address: Greenwich, London.
  • Ara Soo's photo.
  • Misha Collins Yes. That’s my store. Doing laundry relaxes me.
  • Q. Misha, if I made you a cheesecake and promised not to poison it, would you let me be an extra in the next episode you direct?
  • Misha Collins no.
  • Q. Not expecting a response due to the near 13,000 quesitons asked… but the personal stuff you’ve shared via Random Acts and conventions… it’s made me feel a little less alone in the world despite how very different your life is from mine. For that… thank you. And even if you move on from Supernatural you have a fan that will follow you to any project you take on (and I KNOW I’m not alone in this.) 
  • Misha Collins thank you. Very nice to hear.
  • Q. Instead of logical and well thought out questions, let’s go with what’s the theme song to your life?
  • Misha Collins “why are there so many songs about rainbows.”
  • Q. HI… *hyperventilates at mere prospect of Misha Collins reading this* ok… my question any chance you guys, Mischa and J2, are ever going to come to New Zealand? I mean we don’t have comic con but we do have armagedon which a couple of your actors have come along to. Its not really my thing but I would buy a ticket just to see you guys!! Hope you answer this *breathes out*
  • Misha Collins i’d love to come to new zealand. Perhaps you could have me over for dinner. There are more sheep than people in NZ, correct?
  • Q. Hi Misha, how did it feel to play god in Supernatural?
  • Misha Collins it felt remarkably natural
  • Q. Hey Misha! My friend and I want to know, can we expect anymore webisodes of Cooking Fast and Fresh with West? You two are just so adorkable!! – 
  • Misha Collins Yes. You can. We took him to a restaurant and had him review the food last week. We asked him how he liked the soup on camera and he spit it out. I think we’re parenting well.
  • Q. Can we hang out?!?!
  • Misha Collins sure. Your place or mine. If we meet at your place it has to be near vancouver, because i have to be back on set later this evening.
  • Q. Hi Misha, I think it is really awesome that you’re doing this! I am glad I didn’t stand you up! You are such an amazing human being and I am proud to be such a huge fan. My question to you is: After the many years working on the set of Supernatural what was it like to finally get to tell Jared and Jensen what to do while directing tonight’s episode?
  • Misha Collins I tell jared and jensen what to do all the time. The catch is they never listen. When i was directing things changed a bit. I would tell them what to do and instead of not listening, they threw pies in my face.
  • Q.  what’s your favorite movie? 
  • Misha Collins Fitzcaraldo or The Matrix or The Big Lebowski
  • Q. What is your favourite part about working with Jensen and Jared ?
  • Misha Collins My favorite part about working the boys is knowing that they always have my back. And by “always having my back” i mean they always try to f**k me up.
  • Q. Misha, I just wanted to say thank you for being such a key role in lifting me out of my depression. People like you remind me that life can always get better
  • Misha Collins Thanks for sharing. I don’t know how we helped, but i’m glad we do. I know this show means a lot to a lot of people and we are deeply gratified to know it resonates with people.
  • Q. Hi Misha, just wanting to say hello and thank you for making my Tuesdays fantastic, me and my best friend have a SPN night every week to watch you Jensen and Jared. So my question would be what would you do if the show ever ended?>…<
  • Misha Collins  don’t even think like that. The show is never going to end. We will be in wheelchairs shooting season 40. We’ll be working on the show long after people stop watching television.
  • Q.
  • Alyssa Nihei's photo.
  • Misha Collins You don’t have a question here, but i have a comment: How did this photo of me naked get released to the public?! i’m going to have my lawyers contact you!
  • Q. How serious is Jensen and his wife?… jk! But seriously….
  • Misha Collins i don’t think it’s too serious between them. I mean, sure, they own a house together and have a child and there was that whole wedding thing, but other than that…
  • Q. Misha Collins How many more episodes do you think you will direct!
  • Misha Collins I would love to direct all of the episodes. In fact, even when i’m not officially “directing” i’m telling the directors what to do.
  • Q. im sixteen and i will love to be your wife and take care of west and maison
  • Misha Collins That sounds great on paper, but there may be some legal issues to iron out.
  • Q.say hello to me!
  • Misha Collins hello.
  • Q. was it easier or harder to work with jensen and jared when you were directing as opposed to acting with them?
  • Misha Collins There never has been nor will there ever be an environment in which it is easy to work with Jared and Jensen.
  • Q. I’ve been a fan of your character from the start Misha. What has been the most difficult part of portraying an angel?
  • Misha Collins The hardest part about playing castiel is the teleporting. It really takes a lot out of me.

7 thoughts on “Misha Collins – Supernatural Facebook page Q&A March 25th 2014

  1. I love supernatural its the best show ever. How do yous keep cpmin up with this good ides in the show. Keep up the god work

  2. Hi Misha, I am from Scotland and the only way we can watch Supernatural is through Sky Living and it has announced they are no longer showing the new episodes so in the UK we are missing out. Do you think Sci-Fi channel might start showing Supernaturals or another channel we can get to see it?
    PS I have to say my brother and his fiancée and I are massive fans. Thank you for making a show which is so enjoyable. Just love Jared, Jensen and yourselfs charecters in the show. Hi From Bonnie Scotland.

  3. G’Day Misha, as a huge fan of Supernatural i would love to see the crew come to Australia and do a met and greet? any chance this could happen.

  4. Oh, i could do anything to meet the three musketeers.. The only catch? I’m from india! Urgh!!;-(..
    Misha, is there any chance that u guys might EVER visit? Inspite of what you may think, the are hundreds and thousands of die-hard fans here.. So please grace our land by stepping here with your feathery feet, harp and halo, with the 2 adorable cupid sidekicks..
    Triple scoop please with a cherry on top??

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