Basic transcript of Jensen’s interview on Winchester Radio

Jensen spoke with Winchester Radio for this recent podcast, they discussed what is happening in Season 9 and what we can expect in the future:

Here is my basic transcript of the Interview, please feel free to add any comments or point out any vital bits that I missed. 

Jensen on his first podcast

He made his bed while talking to Winchester Radio.

On The Mark of Cain

Dean on steroids, effecting his emotional and physical state. Stronger and with less emotion, like a tool of hunting. Jensen is having to do a lot more push-ups to play him (oooh maybe topless scenes??)

The Brothers current fight 

Before it was sibling bickering, now it’s about the sacrifices that they are willing to make. Dean is going all in and Sam is willing to cash out. Sam is not willing to put his life on the line and Dean is not willing to deal with that. The Mark of Cain is adding to Dean not dealing with it, but focusing more on the big prize which is currently Abaddon.

The coldness of the Brothers. 

All the coldness of Dean, his less homely room, him killing a human…is all a nod to the Mark of Cain. The line between black and white if becoming dangerously clear as far as Dean is concerned. If you’re on the wrong side of Dean’s gun you’re going down. There have been many stories about Sam changing in some way, now it is Dean that is changing.

Sacrifice – The brothers scene. 

Two perspectives – Dean would avoid losing his brother at all costs, his objective is keeping his brother alive. Sam felt he had sacrificed enough and was ready to walk away. Even though the brothers are together, they are not truly together.

Dean and Crowley

Can’t save people, because even when he saves people its the wrong thing, according to Sam. when he can save people he loses people he should have been protecting, like Kevin. This drove him to extreme measures to accomplish missions, like killing Abaddon. After Kevin and the conversation with Sam he’s now doesn’t care who he works with, he’s just getting the job done.

Dean saving Sam, Sam saving Dean 

Is it time for Sam to save Dean, would that help Sam realize why Dean saves Sam?

Dean is the big brother, gotta look out for Sam. Sam is more willing to allow things to happen the way that they are supposed to happen. It is a Sam centric show, was originally based around that.

Antagonists of Season 9 

It will probably all gel together, the Crowley, Abaddon and Angel storylines.

History of Men of Letters, return of Henry Winchester. 

Gill did a great Job the first time, unfortunately this time Jensen didn’t get to work with him as it was all filmed as flashbacks. It’s great to learn more about Men of Letters.

Is Dean afraid to be alone?

Dean doesn’t think about his sacrifices like that, he has always been protective, his mission in life is to protect his brother. He maybe blames himself for pulling Sam back into this life all those years ago. Dean is not concerned about reason, he just does what he thinks is the right thing to do.

Returning guests 

There are some upcoming surprises, but don’t believe everything you read or hear. The list of people that Jensen would love to come back is endless but Dean would love to see John Winchester return. He feels that there is a void in Dean and that Dean should have become his father at some point. John would have had a similar reaction to the boys about the existence of the Men of Letters.

Getting Kevin to Heaven 

Getting Kevin to Heaven is high priority, but is not top priority as they have so many other tasks to sort out first.


Jensen is wary of spin-offs, but it can work. They have to deliver,  but they have a good script and a good cast.

Jensen on the new recruits for the SPN Spin off – Supernatural bloodlines: 

Wanting to go in with big dark glasses and glass of scotch, if asked the key to success he would say daytime drinking.  He really just wants to haze the new people, college fraternity style. They will try to give sound advice and hope they listen.

Story-lines that have shaped Dean

The hunt for dad really gave Jensen a direction for Dean. The purgatory story shaped the way that Dean thinks about life and other peoples lives, it clarified a lot of questions on his purpose. Plus when Sam was drinking Demon blood and Dean felt helpless, it lit a fire in Dean, made him want to do something to help his brother.

Altering Dean’s Decisions

He would not invite Gadreel into Sam. That made Dean feel that everything he touches turns to crap.

Playing Dean against different Sam’s. 

Soulless Sam was most difficult as Jared played him so like Dean, which meant that Jensen couldn’t play Dean the way he usually would. He felt like Dean was a whiny bitch that season. Jensen plays Dean by looking at the way Dean handled situations in the past and using that to put towards current situations.

Social Media

Jensen does not have any social media at all, not even myspace. None of the accounts are him, he does not even have personal accounts that he shares with friends. Plus his name is taken on all social media so the people that have pretended to be him have ruined it for him… If he joins he will join very publicly!

On Misha directing and that pie in the face…

Jensen gave as much advice as possible to give him an idea of what to expect. But it is really instinct, personality and the support system that helps with directing. Jared and Jensen did not work much on Misha’s episode, but he took the hazing that he did get in his stride. Jensen blames the fans for Misha’s hazing as they were expecting it, so they couldn’t not do anything. Jensen had an extensive list of hazing ideas, but Misha took precautionary measures so most were aborted.

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